Big Horn Mine Trail

July 12, 2013 we head back to Wrightwood. There are quite a few trails that span the Wrightwood area. We decided to take the Big Horn Mine Trail.  The trail head said the trail was 4.5 miles.  The hike was beautiful but only 2 miles.  As we arrive at the end of the trail we see the Big Horn Mine.  It is hard to imagine how they might have built this structure into the side of the mountain.  We took the time to explore this magnificent piece of history.

Big Horn Mine

Big Horn Mine

More MIne Trail Photo

More MIne Trail Photo

Once we were done exploring we headed back down the trail but decided that a 4 mile hike would just not be enough.  After all we are in training for our Spain trip and so we went back to another trail head and walked another 2 miles and saw a totally different landscape just a few 100 feet from our original trail.  The trails and meadows were just beautiful.

Vincent Gap Meadow

Vincent Gap Meadow

I decided to take my backpack on this trip as I continue to prepare for carrying it for 200 miles.


1 thought on “Big Horn Mine Trail

  1. Susie, These are great pix and I hope to sometime get to do both of these hikes. I did not know of either hikes. I especially love this picture of you with your pack on the trail, nice!

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