“What to Wear”

Sunday afternoon I spent some time with my Tia Juana, she and I  embroidered my initials on my clothes and my secondary backpack.  My smaller backpack will be used to travel on the plane and carry a few essentials and  in case I want to send my large one ahead to the next Alburgue.  Take a look at the beautiful job we did (Juana did almost all of them). Click on picture to get a closer look.  I choose the location and the thread colors. I read that on occasion people take your clothes while they are drying on the clothesline. I will be taking two long sleeve shirts, one short sleeve and one sleeveless shirt and two pair of pants that double as shorts.  That is it.

My clothes for my 15 day camino through Spain.

My clothes for my 15 day camino through Spain.

I also spent the rest of the afternoon with my mother.  She shared her vacation photos from her trip to Spain in 2002 and suggested many beautiful sites for us to possibly see.  She also let me borrow her book on Spain which contains lots of photos, food and history that we can peruse before we leave.

Book on Spain

Book on Spain

Six weeks until we leave. Starting to feel the excitement building.

1 thought on ““What to Wear”

  1. Hokey Moley! Can you believe it is finally almost here! I am very anxious now as the backpack seems like it still needs to be pared down. I have too much stuff! I will keep down-sizing! How do you feel about doing a couple of full day hikes when you come out? Seems like we should do a test run with the packs that way?

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