27 days to go

27 days and counting.  Lots of emotions going through my mind.  Am I truly ready – physically, mentally, to leave Gary, Anthony and my family and friends, ready to leave my job for about 24 days?  Yes, yes and yes.  I feel physically ready.  Mentally I am still unsure.  The unknown is mostly what has my mind racing in different directions.  I will be with my cousin Nilda, Angelica and Mark and I feel totally comfortable that we can get through this.  I recently watched a You Tube video that was very interesting.  An Australian taped his journey and he shared some of his emotions. I am sure we will all go through some of the emotions that he shared with us.  I will miss Gary and Anthony the most and the rest of my family as well. I will communicate by email or Facebook but not to be able to hear their voices will be strange.  I will come to appreciate all the things that I probably take for granted.   Looking forward to some life lessons.  I have no expectations and hope to be open to whatever comes my way. Click here to open the video.