Crystal Cove with Family

August 9, 2013 was a great day to be at the beach. Patty, Gina, Nilda and I hiked Crystal Cove. We completed 9 miles in 3.5 hours. The day was a bit overcast and cool and was perfect for the first half of our excursion.

Discussing our options.

              Discussing our options.

We took a two hour break at Bear Flag Beach Company in Newport Beach.  Our lunches consisted of fish tacos, burritos, Ahi Poke Salad and Ahi Poke with fresh tortilla chips.  Yummy.  There was lots of laughter and girl talk. Forever memories.

Finally made it to the beach in the afternoon

Finally made it to the beach in the afternoon

We then headed out to the beach for another 6 miles of walking along the coast.  Our goal was to hike 15 miles, to be followed by another 15 miles on Saturday.  We completed 6 miles in 2 hr and 15 min.  The beach views were bellaza (beautiful).


The day started at 7:30 am and ended at about 4 pm.  A taste of what a day on the “Camino” might be like.  Looking forward to lots of days like this.

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