Another test before the “Camino” or “Lost”

Today Nilda and I headed out for our last hike together before we meet up in Espana. We took our own cars to the trailhead.  One thing lead to another and before you know it we were separated on the freeway.  The 5 freeway is notorious for being super busy. So I ended up in one place and Nilda in another.  Yes we were “lost”.  We hooked by phone and tried to find each other and again we could not connect.  We finally made it to the trailhead and headed out for the Dripping Cave.  Now mind you we both have iphones with GPS and we had a trail map to the cave.  You guessed it, again we were “lost”.  We ended up on another trail to nowhere.  When it was all said and done, it was a nice 6 mile hike and we had a nice pace of about 3.5 miles an hour.  We decided this was a test to see how we might handle a similar situation on the “Camino”.  Of course, we passed with flying colors.

2013-08-11 09.44.46 2013-08-11 09.44.26You wouldn’t know it from the beautiful view that we made a wrong turn. Right?  We will make the best of every situation.  We will have the day we have and take each day as it comes.

Nilda was the ultimate hostess for Patty and I this weekend and it was so nice to spend this quality time with our cuz.