Last hike before our departure ….

Trail Marker in the Cajon Pass

Friday we (Gina, Angelica, Mark and I) headed out from the McDonald’s in the Cajon Pass and took the PC Trail back toward Silverwood Lake.  We started out early as the day was going to be hot again.  We will be encountering some hot days in Spain so hiking in this heat is perfect for us as we need to acclimate.

My hiking companions minus the cameraman, Mark.

Fun fact: The Pacific Crest Trail goes right under the 15 freeway near the Mc Donalds.

We made an 8 mile hike seem like a cake walk as we have been hiking since the beginning of the year.

The rest of my weekend has been spent reorganizing my backpack and weighing and reweighing it to make sure it is as light as possible.  I find myself wanting to add snacks as I don’t know what kind of food we will be eating. I also find myself enjoying every meal as I know if will be a long time before I have my favorite foods.

Thursday I spent the day with Anthony as I won’t be seeing him for awhile.  Anthony and Sol treated me to a lovely meal at a local tapas bar in San Diego.  We had some delicious tapas that were a taste of what I might expect in Espana.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I guess I won’t starve after all.

2 days and counting ….