El Primer Dia Del Camino

This morning I was awaken out of a dead sleep at 7:30 am as I have not been sleeping well since I arrived. We get dressed and we are out the door a little after 8 am. We stop for cafe con leche, cafe americano and I have tea. The coffee here is way to strong for me. It looks delicious, wouldn’t you agree?

Mark (Angelica’s husband) arrived by train at 2:30 am today without incident.

What was I thinking crosses my mind as I am walking around mile 8 or 9.
Then I have a talk with myself and I remember why I am here. To push my self out of my comfort zone, do more with less and whatever other valuable lessons I may learn along the way.
I have already pushed myself out of my comfort zone a few times.

The weather was great today. We walked 13 miles and arrived at our first destination at 3 pm after a few stops to readjust our packs, add band aids, etc.

My favorite meal to date is called a Bocadillo (a cured ham much like prosciutto and cheese ) in a fresh roll. No condiments or lettuce or tomato, very simple sandwich. So delicious. I was concerned for no reason. I am eating well.

I already feel closer to God as I have been having some conversations with him about parts of my life I would like to improve upon.