Beach Day

Several of us headed to the beach today to hike Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.  We met up with my cousin Nilda who is dog sitting in nearby San Clemente.

View of Laguna Beach

                  View of Laguna Beach

We arrived at the Alta Laguna Trailhead along with hundreds of other hikers and bikers of all ages. Probably one of the busiest hikes we have been on to date.  There were kids running most likely from nearby high schools.  Bicyclists whom were in such a hurry they had no regard for the hikers in their path.  Of course we had a good time regardless of the challenges.

Enjoying the view.

                   Enjoying the view.

The day was overcast and cool which of course is a welcomed change from the High Desert. The trail was moderate and we hiked about 7 miles in about 2.5 hours.  There were a few inclines but nothing to difficult.

Once we were back at the cars we decided on a breakfast/lunch place called Ruby’s Shake Shack in nearby Crystal Cove right near the beach. If you are ever in the area they have excellent breakfast and lunch selections.


Family and Friends = Good Times.


27 days to go

27 days and counting.  Lots of emotions going through my mind.  Am I truly ready – physically, mentally, to leave Gary, Anthony and my family and friends, ready to leave my job for about 24 days?  Yes, yes and yes.  I feel physically ready.  Mentally I am still unsure.  The unknown is mostly what has my mind racing in different directions.  I will be with my cousin Nilda, Angelica and Mark and I feel totally comfortable that we can get through this.  I recently watched a You Tube video that was very interesting.  An Australian taped his journey and he shared some of his emotions. I am sure we will all go through some of the emotions that he shared with us.  I will miss Gary and Anthony the most and the rest of my family as well. I will communicate by email or Facebook but not to be able to hear their voices will be strange.  I will come to appreciate all the things that I probably take for granted.   Looking forward to some life lessons.  I have no expectations and hope to be open to whatever comes my way. Click here to open the video.