El Tercero Dia – Astorga a Rabanal Del Camino 090213

Our day started at around 8 am today. 13.3 miles lay ahead and the weather is nice again. We stop for breakfast at the cutest place where the business owner/ cook is serving organic foods. I had a piece of French Toast and took a piece of banana bread to go.


We saw a couple on beautiful horses today. Pictures later.

We also saw the cutest little man outside of one of the towns advertising for his daughters bar just up the street.

It was a nice easy day and it warmed up a bit in the afternoon. We got to town around 3 today after about 7 hrs and then to a nice lunch.

Look at this array of food on our table. Everyone’s food was delicious.

Nursing another old blister that has resurfaced. The one from a few days ago stopped bothering me.

Tomorrow is a 16 mile day with some elevation gain. More later.

El Segundo Dia – Villar de Mazarife a Astorga 090113

We started before the sun came up today.

Let me back a little … There seems to be a theme in Spain … The people love to party, they were up until at least 4 am Saturday morning, kids and all. Music, dancing, drinking, etc. I don’t think that I mentioned the same thing happened in Leon the night before. We stayed in two different places above the most popular bars in town. NOTE: Check for bars before checking in.
Today was the first longest day, 19 miles in 9.5 hours for Nilda and I. Angelica and Mark left us in the dust around mile 10 in Hospital de Orbigo. Nilda and I ended up in a Convent for the evening as a I was not willing to sleep in the top bunk two days in a row. Reason being I was afraid I would fall out of bed.

Our bunk beds from Saturday night. Just so happened that we met up with a guy today that had broken his arm falling out of the top bunk. We met Joaquin a 70+ year old man that has walked the Camino a few times and he had a foto of himself after he fell out of the top bunk. The picture he shared was of his face mangled, bandaged with black eyes, etc.

The last few days we have started our walks before breakfast and stopped for our favorite beverage and something light to eat.
So far all the places we have visited …. Restaurants, habitaciones (sleeping rooms), even bathrooms have been so clean.

A few more pics …


This picture of the cross with the City of Astorga behind it was a bit emotional for me.