Dia Cuatro – Rabanal del Camino a Molinaseca 090313

Arrived in Molinaseca at 2:15 after 16.4 grueling miles in about 7 hrs. Toughest day yet over a mountain range similar to what the Pacific Crest Trail might offer us. We heard this is the second hardest day. We won’t see the first hardest on this part of the trail.

We saw Joaquin with his buddy Tomas and I asked him to let me take a picture of his picture of his battered face. He was glad to oblige. I also took a photo with them, we seem to run into them every day. Two sweet guys out for a stroll on the “Camino”. Both in there 70’s.

We also reached the mountain of stones where I left two stones for intentions for a couple of loved ones. I also brought a stone for Gina, Gary’s sister. With our faith those intentions may be answered. Then again it’s in Gods hands.

We had some awesome views today on the trail.

20130903-205906.jpgThe City of Molinaseca is beautiful. We had a nice dinner, went for a stroll around town, visited the Telebanco/ATM to replenish funds and put our feet in the river to cool off our tired feet.

Another amazing day….