Shout Out To Nilda

I just wanted to say how proud I am of Nilda. Yesterday’s hike as I mentioned was pretty difficult and through a mountain range. We went up, up and up and then down again through some pretty tough terrain and she did it all alone. Even though she missed the special rock pile for intentions she persevered and dug deep to finish that hike. She was amazing.

It’s nice to be sharing this journey, even though we are walking our own Camino.


Dia Cinco – Molinaseca a VillaFranca del Bierzo 090413

Have the day you have …. Comes to mind today.
We started early today as we had a long day ahead of us. The plan was to drop off Nilda in Ponferrada, have breakfast with her and then continue walking without Nilda as she planned a day off. Mark, Angelica and I got ahead of her and headed in another direction. Yes we were lost with me in the lead.
I finally stopped this old guy and found out we were a few miles off course. Mark and Angelica kept on while I decided to turn back and get back on course. Another nice man also named Joaquin offered to get me back on track. I accepted a ride from him to the Templar Castle which was near the route I should have been on. We missed breakfast with Nilda.

Joaquin, My Knight in Shining Armor – above
The backside of the Templar Castle – below

20130904-214530.jpg The front of the Templar Castle

So here I go alone to VillaFranca. I had been thinking it might be nice to do this alone today. He heard me and obliged. Definitely a lot more work alone. You really have to pay attention to the way markers. I asked for help when I was unsure. I walked with conscious unconfidence or is it unconscious confidence. I acted like I knew where I was going, taking pictures along the way. Lots of cities, churches, beautiful homes and grapevines.

After about two hours I decided to take a break. I look up and who should I see but Mark and Angelica. Reunited. If you are familiar with the Camino you know this is not an unusual occurrence. We continued on our way and made it to VillaFranca after 8.5 hours and about 20+ miles. Another grueling and hot day. Before we got into town there was a vending machine in front of someone’s home loaded with soda and BEER. No id’s were checked.

After Nilda and I finally reunite I am treated to a beautiful room Nilda carefully picked out for us, including air conditioning. It’s so nice she is tempted to stay another night.

Another great day on the Camino. I can only say that after a nice meal, a shower, some rest and two desserts.