Dia Seis Part 2- VillaFranca a La Portela 090513 Let’s Take A Break

I know I keep saying today was the best day. But each day gets better. This afternoon was spent playing cards after lunch and before dinner. Some took naps while others relaxed.

20130905-205254.jpgAs you can see I am embracing no makeup and the lack of a flat iron and blow dryer. My updo for the duration.

20130905-205525.jpgThe Alburgue we are staying in had a nice private room for 35 euros and a nice restaurant with a nice 3 course meal for 10 euros. Eating like kings again. After we need to keep eating the calories we are burning. Right?

Don’t we looked relaxed and ready for another day of hiking? Tomorrow brings another 9 mile day with lots of elevation.

Dia Seis Part 1- VillaFranca a La Portela 090513 – Morning Has Broken

20130905-163208.jpgUp at 6 am, meet at 7 for a quick breakfast and on the road by 7:30. We decided to take it easy today and tomorrow as the last two days have been brutal with the heat. The morning was cool and the town looked beautiful.

20130905-160628.jpg Today would be a 9 mile day which would take us 4 hours. We knew it was an uphill climb out of the city but didn’t expect it to be quite so steep. I had sweat dripping from my forehead in less than half an hour and I had a head band on. I added my bandana and continued the climb. Our training in the mountains of Wrightwood helped us today.

20130905-161155.jpgNilda, with a day off yesterday and was sowing her oats and passed up all three of us this am. She reminded me she was not carrying her big pack.

20130905-161429.jpgThere was 40% chance of rain forecast for today. I thought great, a break from the heat. About 2 hours into the hike it starts to sprinkle big drops. I am wearing a sleeveless shirt and the cool rain feels great. I stop to cover my back pack, which by the way has been a great purchase. It has been so easy to carry, lots of pockets and a built in rain cover. By now it’s raining pretty good. I put on my hat and we keep walking. I wish I had photos but we had to put our phone/cameras away to avoid getting them wet. Now as I walk in the rain, I am thinking I am soaked, so….. I don’t have to take a shower, wash my hair or clothes. Haha. It was a great day. The best yet and it’s only 11 am. We have the rest of the day off to relax.

NOTE: We have walked 91 miles to date.