Dia Seis Part 1- VillaFranca a La Portela 090513 – Morning Has Broken

20130905-163208.jpgUp at 6 am, meet at 7 for a quick breakfast and on the road by 7:30. We decided to take it easy today and tomorrow as the last two days have been brutal with the heat. The morning was cool and the town looked beautiful.

20130905-160628.jpg Today would be a 9 mile day which would take us 4 hours. We knew it was an uphill climb out of the city but didn’t expect it to be quite so steep. I had sweat dripping from my forehead in less than half an hour and I had a head band on. I added my bandana and continued the climb. Our training in the mountains of Wrightwood helped us today.

20130905-161155.jpgNilda, with a day off yesterday and was sowing her oats and passed up all three of us this am. She reminded me she was not carrying her big pack.

20130905-161429.jpgThere was 40% chance of rain forecast for today. I thought great, a break from the heat. About 2 hours into the hike it starts to sprinkle big drops. I am wearing a sleeveless shirt and the cool rain feels great. I stop to cover my back pack, which by the way has been a great purchase. It has been so easy to carry, lots of pockets and a built in rain cover. By now it’s raining pretty good. I put on my hat and we keep walking. I wish I had photos but we had to put our phone/cameras away to avoid getting them wet. Now as I walk in the rain, I am thinking I am soaked, so….. I don’t have to take a shower, wash my hair or clothes. Haha. It was a great day. The best yet and it’s only 11 am. We have the rest of the day off to relax.

NOTE: We have walked 91 miles to date.


One thought on “Dia Seis Part 1- VillaFranca a La Portela 090513 – Morning Has Broken

  1. Sounds awesome Susie!!! The rain must have been amazing!!!! Wow you all have walked a long way – 91 miles already
    Take Care!! I was a little worried for u when u went off on your own the other day lol
    I’m sure that’s normal on the Camino 🙂

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