Dia Ocho – O’Cebreiro a Triacastela – Misty Day

20130907-144716.jpgThe day is cold and misty. Much different than a week ago. We are in the mountains for now, but the day has us headed down again. There is a chance of rain and the clouds hang out for most of the day.

20130907-152410.jpgThe animals caught my eye today, they reminded me of a good friend.

Other than the beauty with the mist mixed in, this was not my favorite day. Lots of cows walked the trails we walked so the scenery and smells reflected that. If you get my drift….

I arrived to Triacastela after 13+ miles and 5.5 hours. Angelica and Mark probably a half hour a head of me as I take longer on the downhill. Those extra 4 miles left my legs a bit tired and achy and with a huge appetite. My lunch was healthy except for the fries. They serve fries with almost every meal. The tomatoes tasted homegrown. The chicken was very juicy, tender and fresh.

20130907-152526.jpg No rain, I am so glad as it’s still cold.

20130907-154730.jpg Cool statue on the trail.