Dia Doce – Palas de Rei a Arzua – 091113 – I Can Fly


This morning I had so much energy I told Angelica and Mark “I feel like I can fly”.

The weather was cool and windy with sunshine almost all day. The clouds are gone and it’s a new day. We seem to have experienced all kinds of weather in the last 15 days. Heat, rain, and now the wind. But it was the kind of wind that makes the beautiful sounds through the trees and there were lots of trees. It was an enjoyable day, no music required as the trees provided the songs.

20130911-173850.jpgI saw the cutest little lady walking today and so slowly. As I passed her and noticed she was much older than my Mom I had to turn around and took her picture. She looks to be about 85 right? I waited for her to catch up and asked her how long she had been walking. She said two weeks. She is from Sussex, England and very soft spoken. I wanted to ask her how old she was but I didn’t. So cute.

20130911-174454.jpg FUN FACT: I have been seeing these little houses on the Camino for quite a while. Can you guess what they are used for? They are up on a stand outside of the house with a little ledge all around.
If you guessed to store corn you would be right. They store the corn in here so that rats can’t get to them. I finally asked a guy who happened to be from Portugal.

20130911-175303.jpgThis one above is used for mail and bread delivery. Cute idea.

20130911-175754.jpgAngelica, Mark and I sharing lunch. Which brings me back to flying. I was feeling so energized today, I kept up with them for a good part of the day. I was still the last one in but not by much. We ended walking 18 miles in about 7 hours. We were only scheduled for 16 miles, but the rooms were better in Arzua.

20130911-154013.jpgA cute little house outside of Arzua.

20130911-181353.jpgEarly this morning leaving with the crowds and a quick pic by a really cool bridge.