Dia Trece – Arzua a San Payo/Paio – 091213 – Trust


Today was going to be a 16 to 17 mile day so tomorrow would be a short day to Santiago. This morning plans changed and I am willing to be flexible as I am now wanting to drag out our last two days. So 16 miles turns into 11 miles. It’s a beautiful morning before we stop for breakfast.

20130912-154459.jpgMy breakfast of choice = Colacao and a Napolitana (Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Filled Pastry). I am going to miss eating what I want. I can do that with all the miles we are walking.


Two hours down and two to go. I am feeling great again today and keeping up with the Deaners. As we get closer to our destination O’Pedrouzo I realize if I don’t do the extra miles today I may not get to Santiago tomorrow by 12 pm for the special Pilgrims mass. There is a concern if we keep going we may not find a room. As we get closer to the end there are more Pilgrims and rooms are harder to find.


Here is where I decide to put my trust in Him. He has been with me all the way and has provided everything I have needed so far. I leave the Deaners in O’Pedrouzo and continue walking. My pace is pretty good today and there are a few more towns along the Camino to find a place to stay. I will have to walk between 3-5 more miles. I get to the next town, take a quick break and decide I will go a bit farther. My trust is that strong and I have faith I will find a room. I reach San Payo around 2 pm about 2 hours after I left the Deaners. There is a nice hotel and a room waiting for me. Trust in Him as he will provide.

20130912-164039.jpgI saw the cutest little man today walking with his dog. He gets to walk in this beautiful forest everyday.

By the way I didn’t see too many pilgrims in those last two hours. 🙂 16 miles in 6.5 hours.

20130912-165118.jpgRuta Jacobea Hotel