Dia Trece – Arzua a San Payo/Paio – 091213 – Trust


Today was going to be a 16 to 17 mile day so tomorrow would be a short day to Santiago. This morning plans changed and I am willing to be flexible as I am now wanting to drag out our last two days. So 16 miles turns into 11 miles. It’s a beautiful morning before we stop for breakfast.

20130912-154459.jpgMy breakfast of choice = Colacao and a Napolitana (Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Filled Pastry). I am going to miss eating what I want. I can do that with all the miles we are walking.


Two hours down and two to go. I am feeling great again today and keeping up with the Deaners. As we get closer to our destination O’Pedrouzo I realize if I don’t do the extra miles today I may not get to Santiago tomorrow by 12 pm for the special Pilgrims mass. There is a concern if we keep going we may not find a room. As we get closer to the end there are more Pilgrims and rooms are harder to find.


Here is where I decide to put my trust in Him. He has been with me all the way and has provided everything I have needed so far. I leave the Deaners in O’Pedrouzo and continue walking. My pace is pretty good today and there are a few more towns along the Camino to find a place to stay. I will have to walk between 3-5 more miles. I get to the next town, take a quick break and decide I will go a bit farther. My trust is that strong and I have faith I will find a room. I reach San Payo around 2 pm about 2 hours after I left the Deaners. There is a nice hotel and a room waiting for me. Trust in Him as he will provide.

20130912-164039.jpgI saw the cutest little man today walking with his dog. He gets to walk in this beautiful forest everyday.

By the way I didn’t see too many pilgrims in those last two hours. 🙂 16 miles in 6.5 hours.

20130912-165118.jpgRuta Jacobea Hotel

8 thoughts on “Dia Trece – Arzua a San Payo/Paio – 091213 – Trust

  1. I am really going to miss reading your blog every morning w my tea. I think you need to go on another trip so you can blog some more lol.

  2. Agree with Juli. I’m disappointed if you haven’t posted so I can read the latest while I have my first cup of coffe and before I go out to care for the animals.

  3. All I can say is WAY TO GO!!!! I KNEW you were going to do awesome on this trip, can’t verbalize how very proud I am of you big sis, part of me wished I had gone with ya, but now I know for sure this was a journey you needed to do on your own!!! Enjoy tomorrow to the fullest and have a wonderful last week in Spain sightseeing…you soooooooo earned it!

    • Thanks for all your comments. It was fun writing about my days. Now when I can’t remember what happened I can go back and read them. 🙂 thanks for all the support and encouragement.

  4. Suzie, congrats on your arrival into Santiago. What fun it has been to follow your Camino and so very proud of all you have accomplished.

    Buen Camino!

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