Dia Catorce – Lavacolla a Santiago de Compostela – 091313 – My Spiritual Journey – El Fin y El Futuro

I have been awake since at least 5 am. So excited about my last day on the Camino. I have made plans to meet Nilda in San Marcos for breakfast. I start at my usual 7:30 am and I get to Nilda’s Alburgue by 9 am, we have breakfast and she explains she will be walking the last 2+ miles with me. I am so excited she will walk in with me as she has walked over 120 miles before she had to rest the leg. She feels she has rested plenty and so we get started.

20130913-173337.jpgWe get to Santiago about 10ish. The last 2+ miles was pretty much city streets all the way to the Cathedral. We are here and it’s beautiful.

20130913-174541.jpgWe go to the Pilgrim’s Office with our Credencial del Peregrino and we are given our Compestela. It’s official we are now peregrino’s of the Camino.

20130913-210728.jpgI collected a total of 37 stamps along the Camino from various places – Alburgues, Cafe/Bars, Chuches, etc. The stamps are proof that you passed through all the cities along the way.

20130913-212555.jpgWe proceed to the Cathedral for the Pilgrims mass at 12 pm. There is standing room only and they are running tours through the church during mass. It was a bit distracting. The sermon was great, what I heard of it. I kept seeing squirrels. Haha. (For those of you who do not know me well, that means I kept getting distracted)

20130913-214108.jpgAfter mass we meet up with Angelica and Mark for a photo. Then it’s off to see the inside of the Cathedral …. after most of the visitors leave.

20130913-214826.jpgThe inside of the Cathedral is also amazing and very ornate.

20130913-223553.jpgSaw some cool living statues.

I have been feeling a bit strange today. I can’t really put my finger on it. It’s kind of like … It’s over. I had all this energy and adrenaline. It was bittersweet getting here.

The great news is the “Spiritual Journey” was so what I have been missing in my life.
– All the preparation before I arrived really made this trip easier than expected. The walks with my sister Patty, my friends, I even got to spend time with my sister in law Gina.
– My shoes and backpack never failed me.
– There was water when I needed it, shade and cool breezes just at the right time, enough food along the way, nice comfortable beds and warm showers.
– My roommate and cousin Nilda was encouraging and gracious even through her own adversity.
– I was able to do more with less. It was actually easy.
Most of all I really felt my trusted companion all along the way. My faith has grown more than I could have ever imagined. I let myself be open to whatever His plan was for me on this journey and I was not disappointed.

“El futuro tiene un Camino” I saw this somewhere on the Camino. It means “The future has a Camino.”

20130913-222544.jpgI also saw this in one of the Pilgrim’s offices. It means loosely translated “The end of the Camino is the beginning of a new life.” I am looking forward to going home and putting into practice everything I have gained from my experiences.

But for now …. I will be enjoying Spain as a tourist. I will continue to post pictures from the rest of my trip. I hope you will join Angelica and I.

My deepest love to all of you especially my dearest husband Gary who is holding down the home front so I could be here.

20130913-224453.jpgAnother statue from the Cathedral.