Taking a Day Off

Today I woke up with nowhere to go. We had decided to rent a car and drive to Finisterra but after a good nights rest we decided to take the day and relax.
We enjoyed a nice breakfast and then went for a walk. There was a beautiful park with a place to take photos of the Cathedral from another vantage point.

I think it’s more dramatic from a distance. What do you think?

We saw their version of a Farmers Market, much nicer than ours.

I found a salon to wash, dry and straighten my hair. I feel like a new person. We had lunch at a place with Thai and Lebanese food. It was a nice change from our food on the Camino. We enjoyed a game of cards.

We were also able to experience the end of the Galacia cyclists race. It was pretty exciting.

Mark leaves tonight for Madrid and then tomorrow he is off for California. Angelica and I leave on a plane for Barcelona in the morning.