Barcelona-091513-Planes, trains and buses

Up at 5:15 am to the sound of the young adults making their way home. These young kids party until all hours of the morning. Angelica and I boarded a bus at 6 am to take us to the airport to board a plane at 8 am for our trip to Barcelona.

20130915-195918.jpgBarcelona has a huge airport and it was easy to find the Renfe(train) to the center of town. We found our way on foot to our hotel which was about a mile and a half away. We decided to sightsee on foot whenever possible.

20130915-200428.jpgOur hotel is right down the street from the famous unfinished La Sagrada Familia Temple by the architect Antoni Gaudi. It is an amazing sight but quite unfinished. We enjoyed a nice Italian lunch near the temple. We have had quite our fill of Spanish food and the Calzone and Caesar salad were a nice change.

20130915-201520.jpgWe spent the afternoon in another popular part of Barcelona called Las Ramblas enjoying the sights. No shopping as it is Sunday and all the high end, name brand stores are closed.

20130915-201830.jpgThey even have an Apple store.

We had a full and fruitful day and even some rain. After the last two weeks of all kinds of weather nothing can stop us from enjoying another day.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona-091513-Planes, trains and buses

  1. Looks like you are making the most of every minute. We had a busy day ourselves getting the lay of things in Valencia. Mike finally agrees with me that 5 days here is too long. We are looking into going to Barcelona or leaving early to Sevilla and spending more time there. Valencia is a little disappointing but we will check out the beaches tomorrow. Keep enjoying yourselves! Hope you find some great stuff!

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