Beach Day in Barcelona – 091813

Today’s adventure took us to the beach, Olympic Village, Barri Gotic and back up Las Ramblas. We took the underground Metro because the clerk at the hotel said it was 15k to the beach.

20130918-211431.jpgThe metro was easy to maneuver. As you can see from the picture above it shows you exactly where the Metro is going.

20130918-212024.jpgThe weather was perfect for a day at the beach. We can now say we have been in the Mediterranean Sea.

20130918-212516.jpgAfter a nice break and a light snack we made our way to the Barri Gotic area and saw some beautiful architecture and another living statue. I just love them.

Still living with the high from the Camino and looking at our map we decided we would walk back to our hotel. Turns out it was only a mile and a half not 15 k. We stopped into the Farmers Market and picked up some candy, cheese and bacalao to bring home.

20130918-213040.jpgThe vendors at the market vacuum seal the cheese and bacalao to keep it fresh for traveling. That was a bonus.

We went to the Flamenco show tonight and it was a very nice evening with beautiful and amazing dancing and music. No picture taking allowed. You will have to taker word for it.

4 thoughts on “Beach Day in Barcelona – 091813

  1. I told you no lies about that farmers market! It is one of my favorite memories of our time in Barcelona and I get to visit another one here in Valencia tomorrow! Glad you got to the beach as well, we sure enjoy our time there and the water is soooo warm! Besos y Abrasos! You will be so happy to return to your hubby I know!

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