Vamos a Montserrat

20130921-164722.jpgOur last day in Barcelona takes us to Montserrat which is the home of an ancient monastery and holy shrine. After changing from the Metro to the train we arrive about an hour and a half later to breathtaking views..


The monastery has a 35 minute walk around the monastery on the edge of the mountain, which we enjoy. There are also two additional trams to other locations. One above to Sant Joan which we take up to the top for more views of Spain. We find a trail back to the monastery and head back to the train for the ride back to Barcelona.


Angelica and I have had a great time in Barcelona. A vacation I would recommend to all.

Although its been a great three weeks I am anxious to get back home to my loved ones.

I am currently in Miami waiting for my 6:05 flight to LAX. I have already talked to Gary, Anthony and my Mom. Glad to hear their voices.

See you all soon.