Elevation Sickness, UGH.

Saturday, April 5 we hiked Mt. San Jacinto Peak/Jean Peak via the Palm Springs Tramway. 8.5 hours and 3,000 elevation gain.

600_349640922It was a great trip up using the winter route which is a bit shorter with beautiful views as we traversed our way up the side of the mountain where we met up with the regular trail.

2014-04-05 11.27.27I thought I knew what I was in for but I was pleasantly surprised and also a bit disappointed. We made it to the top of the first peak which was 10,834 ft at the top.

600_349505262Unfortunately I started to get a headache and nauseous at the top, elevation sickness I am guessing.  We still had a another peak to climb. Ugh.  I wasn’t comfortable heading back down on my own so I pushed through the symptoms and headed down and up to Jean Peak.  I found a place to wait while the others went up to the top.  I started to feel a little better as I awaited their return.  So we start to make our way down the side of the mountain which was steep and covered with lots of snow. The views were amazing and some of the mountainside had neither been touched by creature nor human. Breathtaking.

600_349517522This was another challenge for me as I had not done this before. It was also a distraction from feeling bad as I had to concentrate on getting down this hill.  It was so steep in places that we had to slide down on our behinds or fall down the hill.  It was great fun after I realized I was not going to get hurt. The trip back to the tram was uneventful after that. Slow and steady with a few breaks.600_349641282

I followed the guidelines to avoid elevation sickness.  Drank plenty of water and gatorade, took some Tylenol when the headache occurred. I was pretty discouraged on my way home, I can’t lie.  The thing is my body felt great.  I felt great today, no muscle pain and no after effects from the elevation gain.

This meet up group is strong and fearless, Adventures Unlimited.  Great hikers.  They are putting me through my paces.

Need to do some research on elevation sickness and try another big climb.