Loch Leven/Old HWY 38 – Hike 11 Miles

Patty and I got up early to do a nice moderate hike today. The trailhead starts at the Loch Leven Christian Center in Mentone which is just past the Mill Creek Ranger Station in the San Bernardino Mountains.  This is an old segment of the original Hwy 38 which was destroyed by an earthquake long ago. It’s a moderate, long 7.5 mile boulder-strewn climb up to the Angelus Oaks General Store.  We stopped short of the store  as we did not want to eat the calories we just burned and only climbed 5.5 miles. This road has nearly no asphalt left and is reduced to singletrack in most places, mildly technical here and there. There was a water crossing and lots of beautiful and fragrant Spanish Broom ( with lots of yellow blooms) up and down the trail.
2014-05-31 07.00.52Patty led most of the way as she likes to keep us burning calories. I really have to hustle to keep up with her.  We reached our up hill destination in two hours where we found a bench and took a snack break.   It was a pleasant day for a hike and we were glad to be done early as it was starting to heat up.

2014-05-31 09.06.54No Patty is not preparing for a bank heist, the gnats were a problem so she masked up to avoid swallowing them. We saw lots of mountain bikers on this trail, apparently this is a popular trail for them. This was another great training hike.  Feeling great and confident for Mt. Whitney.


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