Hiking Duck Pass Trail – Back on Track

Saturday morning I hit the trail early as we were heading back home before 11 am. My friend Marilyn from Hesperia had suggested this trail near Lake Mary. Gary was not up for hiking two days in a row so I headed out on my own. I was a little nervous as I had heard there were bears in the area but I went anyway. I had the opportunity to meet the The Bear Whisperer the day before so I felt a little less nervous.

IMG_3051The morning was cool and quiet. I headed up the less traveled trail at a starting elevation of 9,120 ft.. The first half hour is always the toughest because of the elevation.  The view of this pond was my first reward after a little over a mile.IMG_3034

I continue walking and taking my time.  I like to use my Map My Fitness app on my phone to keep track of my progress.  The first mile was about 1/2 hour.  It’s nice to be walking at my own speed and taking the quick breaks that I need to catch my breath and let my heart rate settle a bit. My next reward is Arrowhead Lake which is just up the trail a bit. I have seen only a fisherman on his way back to the trailhead.IMG_3036

Next is Skelton Lake and it is so worth the hike to see such a beautiful lake.  I wish I had someone to share it with. The trail is leveling out a bit so my time is improving and I have adjusted to the elevation.  I am now at an elevation of 9,915 ft. Below is a view of a small creek I had to cross. Such a beautiful hike so far.IMG_3039I am making good time and end up at Barney Lake about 8:10 am. I am feeling really good and elevation is not bothering me at all.  I figured this was a great place to turn around.  I took a quick break and some pictures. The trip down went really well.  I felt so good I even jogged a bit.  I made it back to the trailhead in 2 hours and 20 minutes with another 6.3 miles under my hiking shoes.  Not too bad.

            Barney Lake

Barney Lake – 10 203 ft

There is so much time to think when you are out in the wilderness alone.  Family, life, work, hiking Mt. Whitney, etc.  This hike is just what I needed to get back on track for my hike to Mt. Whitney. I have been mentally struggling with this hike for some time.  I now feel ready to accomplish this goal I have set for myself.  I just have to remember to hike my hike. Take the time it takes.

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.Vince Lombardi

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