Hiking with Gary

I had an opportunity to be in Mammoth Lakes this weekend for a short trip. Friday I set my alarm so I could go for a short walk before my day started. The weather was really nice and a nice change from the heatwave in Hesperia. I took a nice 5 mile walk up and down Lake Mary Rd. It was all up hill and scenery was just amazing.  I made great time and the elevation didn’t seem to bother me.


Late in the afternoon we took a tram to Devil’s Postpile as Gary had never been to Mammoth and I wanted share this beautiful area with him.  We hiked 1/2 mile to the amazing monument.  If you have never been, it’s an interesting rock formation that continues to change over the years. We then made our way another 2.5 miles across the valley to Rainbow Falls.  Gary led the way the entire hike.  We have only hiked together 3 times, but you would think he does it all the time.  He makes it look so easy.  The falls were beautiful.IMG_3023

This area suffered a major fire in 1992.  You can still see the burn area recovering slowly. There are sections of the forest where the trees are slowly growing back.IMG_3007

Gary is out of his element but still enjoying the views.  It was nice to share my love of the outdoors with him.


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