Long Lake via South Lake

Day 3 and 4


Thursday we headed over to South Lake to hike up to Long Lake for another 6 miles and more acclimating over 10,500 ft. The hike was a little easier and a little cooler. The trails in the Sierras are well marked and easy to follow. Lots of backpackers on their way up to enjoy some overnight camping out in the wilderness.


Stunning views everywhere. So glad to be able to see them in person.  No bears or deer to be seen.

Friday morning we packed up to get back to Lone Pine to get our permits for Whitney.

  • Permits in hand – check
  • Extra permit requested and received – check
  • Weather forecasted to be perfect – check

The day was turning out better than expected, so we drove up to the Whitney Portal and the trailhead to again get acclimated to the elevation. There was lots of activity with hikers coming down from their Mt. Whitney hike and backpackers at the end of their John Muir Trail from Yosemite after 200 + miles.  They had enjoyed a better than expected time on the trail with more amazing views than I had seen over the last three days.


We decided to have our famous burger and fries on Friday, as we did not know if we would be back in time to have it on Saturday. . This burger is a celebratory burger after your Mt Whitney hike.  My half was delicious.

We were now ready for our big day as everything was in place.  Or so I thought….

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