Fuimos a Fajardo …


Today, Thursday January 14 we headed to Fajardo very early (6:30 am) to beat the traffic heading to San Juan for their work day. We made great time and boarded the Spread Eagle Catamaran II where we enjoyed a great day cruising the Caribbean.


The water was a beautiful turquoise.  Something we don’t see in Southern Cali.  We all swam off the small island of Icacos about 11 nautical miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. My sister Diana and I enjoyed snorkeling near the beach (an opportunity for me to spend quality time with my lil sista) and then went out to the deeper waters near a reef.  We were treated to a nice lunch after swimming which included sandwiches, fresh fruit and drinks.  It was a full day and the crew took really great care of us. Patty planned this amazing day and she did not disappoint.

On the way home we stopped in Luquillo for souvenirs and local street food and then headed back to the beach house to relax for the evening.

On a side note: My Mom never never mastered swimming. She did amazing today. She was out there with us in the water, up and down the stairs enjoying herself. Great memories we will have for a lifetime.

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