Viejo San Juan O Mayaguez

Friday, we fully intended to visit Viejo San Juan for the Festival of San Sebastián. We left with what we were told would be early enough but as we arrived to the cement parking structure it was full. A change of plans had us heading to the far side of the island to see where my Mom spent most of her childhood. What should have taken us 2.5 hours took us about 4.5 hours one way.



Not to worry though, we took a detour through Rincon a beach community where we had another lovely lunch.
After lunch we made our way to Mayaguez which was now only about 20 minutes away. We found the church where she grew up. Her family came to the United States when she was 11 years old. Across the street was the plaza where one of my aunt’s (who shall go unnamed to protect her identity) used to meet her boyfriend without permission.😄
We headed home after a long but amazing day.

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