Spring is in the Air


It is that time of year again. The weather has been amazing. Patty and I have decided to start the season hiking the local mountains via the Cajon pass. There is plenty of hiking via the PCT and we hope to get in as many miles as possible before the summer heat shows up.IMG_0537Two weeks ago we hiked 10 miles starting at the McDonalds in the pass. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed the weather and the trail. Yesterday we hiked the 14 miles via the PCT from Silverwood Lake to the McDonalds. I picked up Patty at 6:30 am and we headed over to Silverwood Lake to start our day. Little did we know that it would be 38 degrees at 7 am. Patty kicked it in to high gear and we headed down the trail. After about 15-20 minutes we started to warm up, the sun came up shortly after that and we were able to shed our jackets.IMG_0564 Once we reached the top of the first ridge we could see the lake in the distance. From there we traveled alongside the mountains for miles without incident. We made great time and finished the hike in 5 hours. We killed it. Although we are enjoying the hikes one of our objectives is to burn calories, the views have been a bonus.
IMG_0567 Today I introduced Juli and Paul to the Pacific Crest Trail to get them familiar with the trails. It was a cool morning as we headed down the same trail from McDonalds. They loved the views and the trails. The flowers are blooming like crazy as you can see from the photos above. After our nice 3 hour hike we treated ourselves to ice cream at McDonalds. We couldn’t have asked for a better day.IMG_0579