Hershey Kiss Hike


Day two in the Sierras took us to Chocolate Lakes, Ruwau Lake and Long Lake.  We had originally planned to hike to Bishop Pass, however after day one of hiking we thought we would do something a little less strenuous.


Susie, Raquel and Marilyn

The trailhead was at South Lake.  The elevation was going to be 1,785, we started at 9,768 and hiked up to 11, 154 in 5 1/2 hours.  This was another strenuous hike, but the views were the payoff.  We passed Bull Lake and three Chocolate Lakes. Raquel and Marilyn are regular hiking buddies, we always have a great time out on the trail.  We also share the love of the Lord which makes it extra special.


Chocolate Peak aka “A Hershey Kiss”

As you can see from the photo above, the Chocolate Lakes were named after the Chocolate Peak shaped as a Hershey Kiss.

Trivia:  What some of you may not know about me is that when I worked for Verizon I had the opportunity to travel to Hershey, Pennsylvania where Hershey Chocolate is made. We actually went to the Corporate offices where chocolate was served in every conference room and the entire building smelled of chocolate and the street lights where shaped as Hershey Kisses. Yummy.

After the third lake we headed up a steep rocky trail which was several hundred feet.  I was glad to be going up the trail instead of down.  We took several breaks to catch our breath as the elevation gain was quite intense.  Once we reached the top we were rewarded with another beautiful lake, Ruwau Lake.  We took a short lunch break before heading down to Long Lake.


Our group contained hikers ages 30 s0mething to 60 something. All of the hikers are very well seasoned and hike well together as a group.  We had perfect weather all weekend.  The Sierras offer some great hikes but I don’t think there are any easy hikes here.


Mark and Allen spent part of the day fishing in Long Lake

On our way back to the trailhead we picked up Mark and Allen who spent part of the day fishing.  Allen was able to catch a fish which was marinated and bbq’d by Bill.  It was the best trout I have ever tasted.  I am usually not a fan of trout but Bill changed that with his preparation techniques. Another great day with the most excellent views.