Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch

Labor Day Weekend I spent a few days at Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch in Goldendale, WA volunteering my time and talents. I took my horse Mac up there a little over three years ago to live in green pastures and help the children learn and experience ranch life.  I found Mac to be healthy and happy and with a few pasture buddies to keep him company.  It turns out that Mac with all of his Parelli training over the years has been a great asset to the program and kids.

Steve took on Mac as his primary horse and caretaker. They get along so well.  It warmed by heart to see the relationship.  Steve and Mac are still working on their relationship but they have made great strides in three years. I was able to give him some ideas on how to improve the relationship.


While at the ranch I helped to feed and cleanup and even had the opportunity to help build some pasture fencing.  Robin took this really cool pic with Mt. Hood in the background.  They have the best views from every acre on the ranch.  I had a great time reconnecting with Steve while working on the fencing.

Robin has come so far in her horsemanship.  They rescued Remy sometime back and Robin has taken her on as a project horse and a companion.  While I was visiting I was able to help her get Remy to be more responsive and light. She also needed to learn how to get Remy in the trailer. We spent three days playing the Parelli games and teaching Remy how to jump in the trailer without fear or intimidation.  By the third day she had all four feet in the trailer.  Robin also spent some time in the saddle working on her riding. Success.

Mac and Remy are both used in the kids program, so the time Steve and Robin spend on their horsemanship helps keep the horses tuned up in the off season.  They can also pass on these relationship tools to the children to keep them safe around the horses.

In addition to the horses, Robin and Steve have planted garden beds and a nice chicken coup.  The garden is flourishing and the hens are laying eggs on a daily basis.  The kids also get to learn about taking care of chickens and how to manage a garden.  I had the benefit of enjoying fresh eggs and fresh vegetables and herbs all weekend. What a nice treat.


We also took time on Sunday afternoon to visit an Alpaca Ranch.  These animals are so cute and so inquisitive.  They were so well taken care of.  The alpacas get trimmed once a year and their fiber (fur) is used to make scarves, sweaters, rugs and much more.

I came away from the weekend with a great appreciation for what Steve and Robin Mock are doing at Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch.  The ranch is a non-profit ranch with all donations going directly to maintaining the horses and providing free equine experiences for children.

You can donate to the ranch in a variety of ways.  You can mail a check directly to the ranch at  11 Stirrup Lane, Goldendale, WA 98620. If you would like to receive a newsletter or contact Steve or Robin Mock you can email them at info@zpranch.org or by phone at 509-773-ZPR1.

Here are some donation ideas to ponder

  • Every month grains are purchased for the horses as a supplement to the hay to help with digestion and provide additional nutrients: beet pulp, soymeal, alfalfa pellets, and Senior feed. The average cost of a bag of grains is ($20).
  • Bale of hay ($10.50). Approximately $65 would provide enough hay for 1 horse for 1 month.
  • Purchase a blanket for the winter months ($200).
  • Heater for the additional water troughs we have this year ($50).
  • Farrier cost to trim hooves at $30 per equine.
  • Veterinary Services vary ( $50 to $100).
  • Pasture fencing
    • A box of screws for the fencing is ($35).
    • The fencing used prices out to about $7 per foot so a 9 foot section is about ($63).

The other way you can donate is to buy your Amazon products via Smile Amazon. Use your current username and password or create a new one.  You will be asked to pick your own charitable organization, enter Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch. A portion of your purchase will be sent to the ranch.

I hope you can find it in your heart to send a donation of any size. Any donation will make a difference.  Your donation is tax deductible.

Robin and Steve have taken great care not to mix their personal expenses with the ranch expenses.  You can be assured your donations will go directly to the kids program and the horses.  Thank you for supporting this amazing program.