Boy Scout Trail in Wrightwood

IMG_2286I decided to post this nice little hike outside of Wrightwood near the Jackson Lake Trail because I found it on a map but could not originally find the trailhead or any information online.  We took the Jackson Lake Trail for 1 mile and found the Boy Scout trailhead on the right side.


We followed the mostly shaded trail that was well maintained.  Only found this one tree that covered the trail.  We covered 3.7 miles and 900 ft in elevation on the way out.


The trail meets up with the Fenner Saddle Trail after about 3 miles.  We decided to take the Boy Scout trail to the left of this sign and out to Fenner Saddle Road ( a dirt road that looked closed).  If you decided to take Fenner Saddle Road uphill it would take you up to the PCT and you could come back down on the Jackson Lake Trail.  We went back the way we came to the Fenner Saddle Trail sign and took it down to another Forest Service Road (4N12) that was also closed.  This was a nice wide dirt road with not to much shade that took us across the side of the mountain and back to Jackson Lake passing Mountain Oak Camp.


We had some nice views of the mountains and High Desert.  The weather was perfect today.   Started in the high 60’s and ended in the low 70’s.

Jackson Boy Scout Trails

Here is the map we used to follow the trail.

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