About Me

My love of the outdoors led me to transition from traveling by horse to traveling on foot.  In June 2012 my sister Patty and I started walking to stay healthy and fit.


The family was planning a trip to Mammoth/Yosemite for a nephews wedding in August 2012. The plan was to hike up to Vernal Falls with our kids as we did with our parents as kids many years ago. Of course we could not let our kids out walk us so we started hiking about every other week.


Sometime after our trip to Yosemite I saw the movie “The Way” which was about a father who went to Spain to recover his sons body after he died on “The Camino”.  I decided then that I would like to try and do the walk with my husband Gary.  Once I made the decision to go, I discussed it with Gary and he decided he would pass on the opportunity as his idea of roughing it includes hotels, nice beds and a shower. So I asked my sister Patty to go along and she too would prefer the comforts of a hotel.  One day while my cousin Nilda was visiting I found out that she was also interested in doing the “Camino” and so the planning began.  I have begun hiking as much as my full time job allows and have hiked with friends and family since last year.  We have completed many hikes of all distances and elevations.  I feel grateful that our parents had taken us on many camping trips when I was young which was followed by other outdoor adventures over the years so  I feel prepared to somewhat rough it while on the “Camino”.  My backpack is just about ready for the trip and I continue to learn more about what I should and should not be taking along.


As many of you may know I rode horses for the last 30 + years. As I move closer to retirement I have made some necessary changes including finding a home for my most favorite horse. Mac, now 17 is in greener pastures in Goldendale, Washington with my cousins Steven and Robin Mock on a 20 acre ranch called Zephaniah’s Promise.  Steve and Robin are playing with Mac on a regular basis and the pasture is finished and so he spends a few hours a day roaming from corner to corner visiting the neighbor horses.  He has a forever home. He will eventually be teaching kids how to play and win the Parelli Games.  I will continue to have opportunities to visit with Mac and maybe even help the children learn to play the games.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Susie, my name is Margaret and I’m from Apple Valley. Our children were friends in High School. I’ll be leaving for the Camino on September 1st. I’m flying into Madrid and taking a train to Pamplona, where I will begin my Camino. Maybe we will run into each other. If not, BUEN CAMINO. Sincerely Margaret

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