Favorite Places

Big Santa Anita Canyon Loop

Santa Anita Canyon Loop

April 19, 2013 Patty, Angelica, Mark and I headed out to the Arcadia area to hike Big Santa Anita Canyon Loop.  The hike was 8.25 miles and was a moderate hike with lots of changes in terrain and lots of water crossings.  We started out slow and steady across the many creeks and by the end of the hike we were crossing the creeks with no problem.


Patty and Angelica walking through the beautiful forest.


Another creek crossing.  Such a peaceful place.

Pacific Crest Trail 

Recently I started hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) goes from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.  It is a 2,650 miles long.  I have hiked about 18 miles of the trail at different times.  We are lucky enough to have the PCT traverse through the high desert.  In the last few weeks we have seen several hikers coming from the Mexican border through the Silverwood area and on their way to the Canadian border.  What a treat.  It has given me the bug to maybe hike the PCT some time in the future.


Mark and Angelica and I completed 15 miles of the PCT in one day.  They will be joining Nilda and I on the Camino.  I look forward to traveling with them as they will be great company.  Angelica and I will spend an extra 7 days in Spain after the walk.  We hope to see some of the following cities: Valencia, Barcelona, Seville, Granada.


My cousin Nilda on the PCT while visiting from Sedona, AZ.


A traveler coming from the Mexican Border.  I understand it takes about 17 days to travel from the border near San Diego to Silverwood Lake near Hesperia.

Sedona, AZ

IMG_0582 IMG_0623 IMG_0620 IMG_0658

Memorial Weekend 2013. Gary and I had a great weekend with my cousin Nilda and her husband Mike.  We hiked some great trails. I couldn’t pick just one photo so I picked several.  The views in Sedona, AZ are so beautiful.  Definitely a place to be seen should you ever have the opportunity.

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