Dia Nueve – Triacastela a Sarria 090813 – The Lord’s Day

20130908-145751.jpgAfter a light breakfast of toast, OJ and tea we head out for our 11.6 mile hike.

20130908-150715.jpgNilda will join us today as she took yesterday off to give her leg a rest. Off in the distance you can see a young man from Germany who has passed us walking at a quick pace. He decided to try some Turkish Coffee this am from a man from Israel who is making his own coffee every morning. The German kid said he felt like he drank 6 espressos. He made it to town way before us. Haha.

20130908-151346.jpgIt’s Sunday and I don’t realize it at first. I am walking alone and I decide to listen to my Christian Worship music. First time I have listened to music on the Camino. Coincidence, I don’t think so. Since I don’t know if I’ll make it to mass today, I decide it’s the perfect way to spend the entire morning. Walking with God and Gary.

20130908-152354.jpgMore awesome views. Anything look out of place in this set of pictures?

Nilda and I made it to town in 4.5 hrs. Pretty good time as I have decided to slow down a bit. I just can’t keep the pace with the Deaners. 😉

By the time we got to town all the good rooms seemed to be taken. A nice girl at one of the hotels called a Pension about 4 Kilometers outside of town and off the beaten path. We were picked up by a couple of young girls in there personal vehicle and taken to our habitaciones for the night. They will drive us back to the Camino in the am. Living on the wild side again. 😉 So many nice people helping the pilgrims.

Off to wash clothes and relax.

20130908-153736.jpgBy the way if anyone is keeping score. Mark won the first game, Angelica the second and the third game is on hold until we meet up again. Angelica and Mark found a room in downtown Sarria.

4 thoughts on “Dia Nueve – Triacastela a Sarria 090813 – The Lord’s Day

  1. Why is there a stop sign and no intersection? Animal or rock slide crossing? Slowing down is good. Like life, your treck is a journey rather than a race. So excited for you.

  2. Love the stop sign. Lol. Maybe you should have tried some of that home made coffee…you would be faster than the Deaners at that point. So happy everyone there is so nice. So different from what we find here at home.

  3. Hi Suzie, Love the photos of animals! I took quite of few myself – they are delight along the way. It looked like a beautiful day for hiking. It sounds like Nilda is finding a workable balance between resting that leg and hiking. Many blessing on your next days! Linda

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